Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Abe V Rotor
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Lesson: Kindness to animals. Pets deserved our greatest love and care, more so when they are infirmed, such as this dog-on-wheels.

A most relaxing scene of master and pet, UST grounds

Paralyzed from waist down since birth one would simply bestow quick mercy and final end to a dachshund, bereft of all that is expected of the breed as pet and member of the family and household.

Would you do that to a child? she said. I fell silent. Then she assembled a two-wheeled cart and mounted her infirmed pet, now half-dog and half-machine, a moving scene that held the clouds floating, slowed feet hurrying, and time ticking that morning on the grounds of UST, the country's oldest university.

The beagle struggled at first, got the momentum, then smoothly glided on the pavement on its own with the well-oiled cart virtually without effort, but a sense of comfort and joy instead. And master followed, she now the pet for she followed all things that made her dog a most loving creature.

In life we cease to be masters when we love, when we care, specially the poor, the helpless, the homeless, the doomed. ~

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