Monday, March 7, 2011

It's Summertime. Beware of Mad Dogs!

Abe V Rotor

How do you know if a dog is mad?

Let’s learn from the old folks and take precaution.

A mad dog vehemently rejects water; and will go wild if forced to drink. That is how the word hydrophobia is associated with mad dog.

• It is restless, it pants heavily and salivates.

• Its tail is tucked under its belly.

• The dog blindly bites on anything on hand.

• There is the werewolf look in its eyes.

Dogs that go mad mostly occur in summer, or when the temperature is very high. Be keen when walking in the neighborhood, more so in unfamiliar places. Keep safe distance from dogs you don’t know, even if they seem friendly.

Have you dog vaccinated with anti-rabies periodically. If you are bitten by a dog have anti-rabies shots immediately, especially if the wound is near the brain. ~

NOTE: The dogs in the photos are not mad . They were saved from illegal trafficking and slaughtering of dogs for food.

Living with Folk Wisdom, UST-AVR 20o8

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