Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fuel from Non-Food Plants

Abe V Rotor
Living with Nature - School on Blog

Lesson: Alternative fuel from plants that grow wild and don't complete with food source. Coconut, corn and sugarcane are too expensive as alternative sources of fuel for our cars, home and industry. Besides, converting food into fuel will aggravate poverty condition specially in developing countries where millions of people are hungry and malnourished.

These examples of non-food plants for fuel open the avenue of discovering more in different countries. Why don't you add to our list?

Hanga, ripe fruits directly burn into yellowish
blue flame. Benguet.

Consuelda (Euphorbia tirucalli) produces diesel
fuel and locomotive oil. UST atop main building

Palomaria or bitaog (Ilk) (Calophylum inophylum)
contains 60 percent oil in its seed, excellent for motor oil.
Its wood makes excellent furniture. UST Botanical Garden

Talahib (Saccharum spontaneum), relative of sugar
cane produces ethanol for fuel and industrial uses.

Madre de cacao or kakawati (foreground) is the
most popular firewood in the Philippines and the
tropics. Its branches are periodically pruned for
firewood. The tree lives for twenty to fifty years.
It thrives in arid wasteland. Lake Tikob, Tiaong,

Living with Nature, AVR

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Corinne said...

Dr. Rotor, will you help me find someone who makes bitaog oil for cosmetic purposes. This is also called tamanu oil and abundant in Polynesia. Thank you.