Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Taming the clouds

Abe V Rotor

Detail of Mural Sunken Pier, AVR
Sto Domingo, Ilocos Sur

Giant mushrooms rise with the breeze
And I in Lilliput, they make of me
Cowering under the coconut trees
Lining the shore, leaning to sea.

Faces I see, angels and wild beasts
Changing shapes with the sun;
Doves and eagles flying to their nests,
Until all of them are gone.

The sky falls into shower, erases
And breaks the mirror of Narcissus
Into one thousand and one faces,
Of memories only time knows.

The clouds grow angry as they pass by,
Until a rainbow forms a shawl
Over the old sunken pier, and l
Once more find a Gulliver in my soul. ~

Living with Nature, AVR

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