Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The Break of Dawn - 12 Verses

"Kindness, however small
is never waste at all." 
Dr Abe V Rotor
Acacia tree casts a silhouette as dawn breaks. Diliman, QC

1. Archetypes feed the memory
for the past to stay;
we see the child of yesterday
through a window today.

2. If my life is to be lived with love,
learned and shared in one way or many;
if through others it is seen this way above,
then I shall have truly left a legacy.

3. False kindness makes another Waterloo
where well-meant advice finds flaw.

4. A trace of smoke foretells a consequence;
a faint pulse is life’s precious reference.

5. Walk. 
Running is sometimes bad;
you’ll better see and talk
about the countryside –
and God.

6. Self-doubt at the beginning is often necessary,
for it seeks perfection of the trade we carry.

7. Unbridled company breeds notoriety –
remember Chaucer’s The Pardoner’s Tale?
Many men were lost in the Hessian Army,
and in ships that bore the black sail.

8. Ephemeral and fleeting are the days of our lives,
when we do not watch the sun set and rise.

9. The greatest crisis ambitious men and women face
Is loss of privacy in trying to win a nameless race.

Torch atop a bridge's column dims as 
dawn approaches. Bangkok Thailand  

10. Who nods when old is wise and deep,
save he by the fireside asleep.

11. The past leaves but a song the future may inherit,
Perhaps new to the young, but dying bit by bit -
Until it’s gone.

12. Kindness, however small
Is never waste at all. ~

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