Saturday, July 29, 2017

Flow gently, sweet little stream

                                       Painting and poem by Abe V Rotor
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Flow gently, sweet little stream in acrylic (2' x 4') by AVR 2012. 
Courtesy of Ms Lourdes Lopez 
Flow gently, sweet little stream,
     and I will sing you a praise;
Flow gently down the little valley,
     and I will go with your ease.

Flow gently sweet little stream,
     though you have time to tarry;
Flow gently around rocks and hills,
     meander and be merry.

Flow gently, sweet little stream,
    and do not grow up too soon;
Flow gently with the watershed,
    catching the rains in monsoon.

Flow gently, sweet little stream,
     living link of sky and sea;
Flow gently among the creatures
     in your care, play and be free. 

Flow gently, sweet little stream,
     away from the hands of men;
Flow gently in this hidden den,
     this lovely patch of Eden. ~

*Poem inspired by Sweet Afton, by Robert Burns (1759-1796). The poem was sang in class by our high school teacher in literature, Ms Socorro Villamor at the Colegio de la Immaculada Concepcion, now Divine Word College of Vigan, Ilocos Sur. I still remember the melody and play it on the violin as I reminisce the romantic atmosphere it created in class some 60 years ago, as I would imagine in Robert Burns' time during the age of Romanticism in England.    

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