Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Hedgerow as woodland and prototype forest

Hedgerow: Where Ecology and Agriculture Merge 
Dr Abe V Rotor

Forest conservation month 
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Rural Iloilo from the air. Photo by AVR
Boundary and waterway hedgerows
Contour hedgerows

Hedgerows on field boundaries are popular in Europe and countries where the original forest cover has been removed.  Hedgerows may develop into ecosystems through the years, in fact centuries.  Here, species composition - plants and animals - has reached homeostasis (dynamic balance). In advance cases, hedgerows have become natural forests.   Hedgerows -   
  • serve as wildlife sanctuary
  • serve  as windbreak and shade
  • prototype agro-forest and orchard 
  • source of wood and fuel, other materials, 
  • cushion global warming, 
  • control erosion and siltation  
  • contribute to aesthetic beauty  
Acknowledgement: Internet photos

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