Sunday, July 9, 2017

Mushroom: King of Nature's Middle Kingdom

Dr Abe V Rotor

You are a maverick of the old kingdom,
For lack of green pigment and true organ,
Now assigned to a new serfdom your own.

Rise enigmatic prodigal son,
For if the Sun God sleeps behind deathly cloud,
The whole earth shudders in Armageddon.

Take over from your brothers once proud,

And feed the surviving mankind ‘til dawn. 

Popular edible mushroom Pleurotus  

Red mushroom (Mt Makiling, Laguna)

Stinkhorn (Mt Makiling, Laguna)

Forest floor littered with dead stems and leaves.
Mushrooms facilitates their decomposition.
(Mt Makiling, Laguna)

Shelf-mushroom attack standing dead wood until
it crushes to the ground. (Mt Makiling, Laguna)

Amanita. a poisonous mushroom; blue mushroom, giant mushroom

A collection of mushrooms

Glowing mushrooms  

Morel; oyster mushroom
Acknowledgement: Internet, Living with Nature by AV Rotor 2003

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