Saturday, July 15, 2017

Music for Kids - where shall they begin?

Dr Abe V Rotor
Music revival for kids.   

Music for kids -
where shall they begin?
They begin in growing up
curious, inquisitive, sensitive
to sound with quality,
notes and melody.

A note here, a note there,

Mozart the kid babysitting,
barely reaching the piano,
composed a lullaby,
world's most popular
cradle song.

Today's rap and tap

are music denied;
drums dull, cymbals empty, 
ye-ye-ye - defeatist 
version of simpleton
of the finest piece. 

But they insist, these kids;

instant guitar, violin,
piano, keyboard:
opera, concert, aria -
Can't they wait?
Only one of so many.

To make music instant,

push buttons, shout, dance,
be weird, grotesque,
a little puff here, too,
music like weeds is
never music at all.

What is music then? 

the waves, stream on the rocks,
fiddling cricket, lamb, frog, 
passing breeze in the leaves
the thunder - noise tamed
in strings wind, percussion.

How they wish, these kids

someday in their hands
music flows, through breath  
the sweetest song;
but where do they begin?
It is in believing they can. ~

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