Monday, July 31, 2017

Pomposity of colors - Nature's tool for survival

"... you must court the butterfly and the bee without delay ... in the act of make believe."
Dr Abe V Rotor 
Living with Nature - School on Blog
Butterfly plant, what a coincidence 
in form and structure, and color;
I'd rather say,  a case of mimicry,
mutual protection, a favor of both.   
Angel's trumpet, flimsy sinister, heralding 
not of victory but defeat;
Narcotics its essence, abuse its courtship,
to the unwary on a dark street.   
Balibago - white in the morning pink after;
your secret of a short lived;
you must court the sun and bee without delay,
in the act of make believe.
Mickey mouse the male, Minnie mouse the female,
both flowers born on one plant;
If ever Disney got the idea from this plant, he's right,
mystery is what people want.  
Begonia, frail and dainty, and easy to wilt
 shout your color to the butterfly and bee,
else your flowers like spinsters fade away
sad, lonely though colorful and free. 
Anthurium, sculpted in wax by your look,
inanimate it seems in the plant world;
Are you the proud Icarus resurrected 
whose wings melted in the sun as told?
Caladium - but you are not a flower and far from one;
yet you are an apple to the eye of the beholder;
whatever perceptions you create to your pollinators, 
count me as one, your ardent gardener. ~

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