Thursday, July 27, 2017

Misty Morning in a Garden - an on-the-spot painting

UST Botanical Garden, Manila  
An on-the-spot painting and verses by Dr Abe V Rotor
Ferns, orchids, lianas crowd the trunk of a towering dita tree(Alstonia scholaris)

                          It is misty, it is foggy, here at the garden,
     or it must be smog in the city air;
and the early rays pierce through like spears,
     yet this is the best place for a lair.

But the artist must be provoked, challenged;
     for peace can't make a masterpiece;
only a troubled soul do rise where others fall,
     where ease and good life often miss.

This lair is where the action is, the battlefield,
     where pure and polluted air meet,
where a garden in a concrete jungle reigns,
     where nature's trail ends in a street.

Art, where is art, when the message is unclear,
     colors, colors, what color is blind faith?
what color is rage, what color is change?
     colors be humble - black is your fate. ~
A spray of red and orange in the tree top,
     either it is autumn's onset,
or the season had just passed us in slumber,
     yet too early to hibernate 
Catch the sun, borrow its colors and shine
     that you may be filled with grace divine;
for your life is short and your flowers ephemeral, 
     that makes you a mythical vine. 
 There is no such thing as emptiness, for memories linger;
     the bench is warm, whispers hang in the glen;
spirits roam, the past comes around in them to haunt,
     to scare a bit to remember them, now and then. ~

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