Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Part 2: 20 Disturbing Views on the Road through the Eye and Camera

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1. Washing in public from a busted water pipe. Ermita MM

2. Passengers caught in a flood, España , Manila

3. Chaos of traffic, an everyday scene

4. Jam packed bus - looks like an excursion

5. Blank rear - a perfect hideout of hold-uppers and criminals; a blatant violation of international traffic law.

6. Distracting images - cause of major bus accidents. Banned in other countries, except in the Philippines.

7. Formula of disaster! Stalled tanker in the middle of a thoroughfare + Highly flammable load + Rush hour + No warning sign + No trained traffic enforcer.

8. Overload passenger jeepney - ply by night.

9. Diggings, diggings at rush hour. No red line. No traffic enforcer.

10. Flood is joy to a boy. Leptospirosis candidate. España MM.
11. Thousands of street vendors like this one pester Metro Manila streets, not to mention sidewalk vendors.

12. Look! No helmets. Who cares? Rizal Park, Manila

13. Skeleton of death in the sky - Damocles sword before
a typhoon and earthquake

14. Traffic comes to a standstill - just for a minor accident

15. "To give or not to give." Street begging, Espana, Manila

16. Stop! One among thousands "lost"in the city, Sta Mesa, Metro Manila.

17. Service tricycle in the thick of traffic. Quiapo Manila

18. Babysitting on the street. Ermita Manila

19. Squatting in Metro Manila has become bolder.  Not only sidewalks are disappearing but streets are narrowing down. Shanties are transforming into permanent buildings.

20. Bare earth load - no canvas cover to prevent spread of blinding dusts.

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