Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Landscape Paintings and Poetry

Dr Abe V Rotor

All in a day's work and play, AVR

Going home at the end of day the sweetest hour;
all creatures heed to Nature's call;
Humblest indeed our prayer of thanksgiving
as the curtain begins to fall.    
A valley of peace and bounty,  AVR

Not a valley of lament, of sorrowful state,
and never to surrender to death;
it all depends who makes life to such fate,
believing to his last breath. 
Rivulets to streams comb the hills, AVR

 The beginning of the great Nile lies somewhere
on the glaciers of Mount Kilimanjaro;
Hemingway wrote in the like of an idea untold, 
 emerging, converging, to be true.
Downstream, AVR 

I was lost in the middle of a forest 
hidden by fog to its crest;
trees blocked my path, my sight;
t'was a stream I owe my life.

Cliff, AVR

A watchtower of my ancestors I revisited; 
once green and sacred,
now bare and empty, I found it instead,
a history of the dead.  

Angling and loafing, AVR

The fish I caught may be small and few,  
 but I am happiest though;
more than the flowing stream that I knew
many great ideas grew. 
Sitting Boat AVR

Wonder the fisherman at sundown,
his boat  by the bay sits;
to sea the whole night he's bound,  
while the world sleeps
Rainforest sentinel AVR

Stately and colorful like a king,
the cockatoo is lord of the realm;
greet and he will echo your call,
and will follow to the screen.

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