Sunday, August 28, 2016

As you aspiring to be a journalist?

Dr Abe V Rotor

This article is dedicated to the father and pillar of Philippine
journalism: Teodoro or "Ka Doroy" Valencia (center). His
column Over a Cup of Coffee shaped the thinking of his
readers, and influenced the decisions of leaders in his time.  

Like "Ka Doroy" an aspiring journalist must -
1.      Be inquisitive
2.      Be constant in his purpose
3.      Be fair and balanced
4.      Be genuinely interested in people
5.      Seek the truth
6.      Be resourceful
7.      Have guts
8.      Master his grammar
9.      Know his medium
10.    Read, read and read.

Above all, he must be God-fearing, compassionate, and true to his country and fellowmen. And uphold journalism as a profession and institution. 

Based on the lecture by Dr Abe V Rotor on journalism, UST Faculty of Arts and Letters

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