Monday, May 9, 2016

Wish I were a butterfly

Dr Abe V Rotor 
Living with Nature - School on Blog
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738 DZRB AM 8 to 9 Evening Class, Monday to Friday

Top, Anna wears a pair of butterflies; Anna wears a pair of butterfly wings.  Tagbilaran, Bohol 

I wear a pair of butterflies
     clinging on my hair, 
and they whisper, "Come,
     to our lovely lair
a garden of morning sun
    and every day fair."

Wish I were a butterfly,
     and flutter around,
from flower to flower , 
     sans time, sans bound, 
to see the world from top down,
     for humans to astound. 

Give me freedom, oh butterfly,
    your wings, your lovely pose, 
your scepter, your antenna pair; 
    your secret with the rose;
"Foolish little girl," it whispers,
    "remember Icarus." ~

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