Thursday, May 5, 2016

Red Sky

Dr Abe V Rotor 
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Red sky when a meteor struck the earth 26 million years ago which wiped out the dinosaurs and other animals, long before the dawn of mankind; 
Old Quirino Bridge at sunset, Santa, Ilocos Sur
Red sky when prolonged drought swept over Africa at the dawn of civilization, flushing out early humans from their abode in the forest to the grassland;  

Red sky when Black Death decimated one-third of human population in Europe and elsewhere, in three major waves during the Dark Ages;

Red sky when conqueror after conqueror invaded and destroyed empires, until the ultimate Greco-Roman collapsed into warring fiefs or kingdoms;

Red sky when two world wars gripped the world causing untold loss of lives and properties, and later leading to a Cold War that polarized the world for 45 years;

Red sky when the flu in 1920 killed one in every six people on earth, virtually without warning, and sufficient capability in controlling the epidemic;

Red sky when HIV-AIDS became a modern disease contacted and transferred through sex irrespective of gender, affecting whole families and communities;

Red sky when the Ebola virus, the most dreaded human disease, spreads like wild fire, exacerbated by the lack of knowledge and tools in combating its global spread;  

Red sky when terrorism has gained foothold, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), recruiting members worldwide through social media and logistics;

Red sky when 15 million Filipino kids are food-poor, so with a billion hungry people worldwide, in the face of economic progress and postmodern living;

Red sky when the sea is rising, glaciers melting, other natural disasters getting frequent - the effects of man-induced global warming and environmental degradation;

Red sky when the world's nuclear arsenal, capable of annihilating the present population, go into wrong hands, or used to gain political supremacy. ~   

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