Monday, May 2, 2016

What happiness means to children

Children are better models than adults, children can fulfill their happiness with simple things, while adults seek for more. - Chiara Alyssa Cochico, UST Arts and Lertters
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Happiness is taming a wildflower.
Happiness is a lot of water to play with.

Happiness is taking time out with the family on a weekend.

Happiness is learning to paint.
Happiness is a kid with a kid.

Happiness is anything but work.

Happiness is riding a sled.

Happiness is a program for kids.

Happiness is palo sebo.
Happiness is sailing the sea in make believe.Happiness is guessing who is behind the mask.

Happiness is playing with the saints and angels.

Happiness is with the whole clan on a Sunday on the beach.

Happiness is doing an errand and wading on a stream.

Happiness is waking up in a camp away from home.

Happiness is braving the prehistoric animals in a museum.

Happiness is being flower girls in a wedding.

Happiness is respite in the coolness of a shade.
Happiness is playing at sea - timeless, careless and free.

Happiness is learning the first steps of a dance.

Happiness is graduation time.


When I read this article, I was touched because children can be happy on simple things but those simple things are important in life. Happiness with children can be fulfilled because they are contented and they don't aim high enough to be happy,just simple things, and they are happy in taking care of what they have,they care for their surroundings and achieving simple things that they have.

Children are better models than adults, children can fulfill their happiness with simple things. While adults seek for more. Chiara Alyssa Cochico

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