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Berlin Wall Mural - A Unifying Art Movement in History

The longest and most meaningful mural 
the world has ever seen.
Dr Abe V Rotor 
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Berlin Wall at the height of the Cold War (1945-1989) 
Acknowledgement: Photo from Internet

Freedom has wings, no wall can hold;
not The Great Wall or the Berlin Wall;
long imprisoned the human spirit be,
just a crack leads to its eventual fall.
More powerful is faith that breaks it
in figures, colors, symbols they convey,
the interconnectedness of humanity
through mural - art in visual story. 

Tearing down walls in world's history
is more difficult than building one;
as empty as space, or as high as Eiffel,
time the greatest element 'til it's gone.

And the ruins talk of human triumph
and defeat, of human folly and frailty,
enshrined in his art, the universal
language of man's greatest story.

NOTE: The Berlin Wall fell in 1989 when the divided city and nation were re-united. The year marked the beginning of post-Cold War era, released from the polarization of two superpowers and their allies - America and USSR (now Russia after its dissolution). On both sides of the wall murals of common themes and subjects were discovered. It marked a new movement in the Arts.

Irrespective of ideology - democracy or socialism - man's common desire for freedom remains unconquerable. Whatever happened to most parts of the wall can be gleamed from fragments of it, so with the murals, now being kept as precious souvenirs in many nations. I personally saw and touched a brick from the wall in a remote village in Israel. It was a beautiful feeling to be part of Humanity's Neo-Renaissance.

Nation and Capital divided during the entire Cold War Period.

Wall appears like giant streamers, in collage of posters on 
buildings, stairways, and slabs.

Painting the wall in action. Height of wall in certain areas is
augmented by other barriers and detection devices.

Murals on trash cans and windows.

Murals extend longer than the eye can follow.
Acknowledgement: Photos from the Internet.

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