Saturday, May 14, 2016

A Wonderful World of Transition

A Wonderful World of Transition  
Babies to Toddlers 
Dr Abe V Rotor 
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It's Dreamland, where fairies and gnomes roam 
in a garden, among flowers and butterflies;  
dwarves sitting on toadstool, nymphs singing,
Oh, how we all wish childhood never dies. 

  Mannequin is almost real in pictures and on TV screen; 
 let a child touch it to overcome the Thomasic syndrome, 
and to grow out early from fantasy into the real world,
 where innocence, like clay, is molded into its true form.      

Wonder why a honeybee visits the water;
why stars come down;
swim with wings, fly with fins don't matter,
stars and sun are one.    

 Fly on balloon into the sky;
no, you're not living in cartoon;
let time bring you to the real world, 
don't hurry up too soon. 

 Learn to eat and drink the grownups' way,
imitate Mommy, shh... don't cry; 
it's biological, like birdlings in their nest do 
until they have wings to fly.  
It's a boat
No, it's a ship; 
 it's a pool,
No, it's the sea
with your daddy.

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