Sunday, May 15, 2016

Lighting up the Workplace Increases Efficiency

In Memory of the late Secretary Arturo Tanco, Department of Agriculture (ca. 1971-75). This is one of his favorite motivating anecdotes on the importance of "bridging the gap" between management and workers in an industry, or any organization for that matter.  

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Assembly line of conventional radio. (Internet photo)

The scene is a factory that assembles radio. Workers are lined up putting the parts together section by section until the units are completed, tested, packed and shipped out.

Market demand of the product has been favorable, so that management thought of increasing production. 

But management has not been satisfied with the efficiency of the workers, and recommended that they be replaced with better ones. 

But the supervisor told the manager, “Why don’t we give our workers a chance?”

So the company hired a consultant. 

After inspecting the workplace he reported that the cause of low output is poor lighting condition. Management promptly responded by increasing the lighting level.

Surprise! Output significantly increased.

Inspired by the result, management further increased the lighting level. And output also increased.

Puzzled, the consultant instructed that the lighting be reduced to the first level, without the knowledge of the workers.  

Surprisingly work efficiency remained high. 

So what is the underlying reason? 

It is because the workers began to feel important.  The concern of management gave them a sense of importance. ~

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