Sunday, April 30, 2017

Thoughts for Today: Baobab and Genie

Dr Abe V Rotor 

Trees are a symbol of unity and might;
Rising to touch the sky altogether;
A lone tree loses its majestic height,
And soon disappears forever.

Few trees live in isolation. One of them is the baobab (
Adansonia digitata) found in South Africa claimed to be 6000 years old (1000 years at least by Carbon dating). In The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint- Exupery, the baobab is feared because it could destroy the small planet of the little prince. The tree was also featured in the movie The Gods Must be Crazy.  

A Genie rises but does it have a soul?
I, a teacher, all knowing and tall
With experience and schooling full;
But do I really know my goal?

A magic spirit that looks like a person, often lives in a lamp or bottle, and serves the person who calls it.

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