Sunday, May 21, 2017

Part 1 - Real DISTRACTIONS on the Road. Quicksand syndrome

Republic Act No. 10913 or the Anti-Distracted Driving Act officially took effect Thursday, May 18, about 10 months after it became law in July. It's time to restore sanity and save ourselves from the "Quicksand Syndrome"Dr Abe V Rotor 
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Here are photos taken with a palm size camera from the front seat of a passenger car.  Come up with advocacy to make our world a better place to live in. What is your contribution to save us from collective downfall?  

(1.) Rolling billboard - cause of accidents, holdups, a camouflage for dilapidated buses.  Who is collecting the fee?  

(2.) Advertisements everywhere. Freedom of expression?  Or human right violation.

(3.)  "Clean your car boy" in heavy traffic. 

(4.) Squatting on the street - special privilege or tolerance.   
(5.) Loading and unloading while vehicle is in motion. 

(6.) Multiple Advertisement -  mobile window shopping. 

(7.) Save romance in a private place.  Only a bum can't understand.

(8.) Overloaded passenger jeepney - one for the Book of Guinness 

(9.) "Mother and child" on the street. 

(10) Concrete barriers bear marks of accidents - and death. Who cares?

(11) Padyak tricycles rule a city's thoroughfare.

(12)  No warning signs and demarcation. No traffic aide.  No workers.   

13. Traffic jam. Truck ban and color coding violation. 

(14) Highly flammable loose LPG tanks  - keep distance! 

(15) Traffic accident argument builds traffic jam. 

(16) Moving tower of softdrinks. Take the backseat leaning tower of Pisa. 

(17) These boys prefer the street than the school.  

(18) Super jeepney, super driver, super clingers rolled in one.  

(19) A street corner scene depicts quaintness and passivity of life, needs  revision of street rules and regulations.    

(20) Scene from a bridge. Where has the estero gone?  Squatting on waterways.

(21) Overloading a familiar scene, okay lang all the way.

(22) Rallyists rule the street.

(23) Underpass waterfalls. Quezon Ave-EDSA underpass 

(24) Simple road courtesy - just a little sensibility.
(25.) Failed smoke emission test.  But why still on the road?  Commonwealth Ave., QC

(26.) Sub-culture in our midst, marginalized community in Tondo, Manila. Distraction is ironical. 

 (27) Death trap and "bouquet." A touch of Surrealism 
(28) Resistance to demolition of shanties order along Agham Road, QC. 
29. A flag of anarchy flies.  
(30) Take a break with these mascots.  Wish they were real where the problems lie. Too much consumerism. ~

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