Thursday, April 27, 2017

A Piece of Eden Regained

Painting and Verse by Dr Abe V Rotor 
A Piece of Eden Regained 
Acrylic on canvas (33" x 103") by AVRotor April 27, 2017. 
Courtesy of LAWIN (Lagro Association of Writers and Artists Inc.), QC

A lake full to the shore, its water deep and clear, 
     trees speak of old age, yet  hale and strong; 
under their spreading crowns and roots the fish stir
     to the company of children and their song. 

the lake a living theater and a huge playground, 
     with ospreys hunting, pigeons and doves flying,
silence reigns, save the wildlife’s call and sound,   
     and passing breeze in the trees whispering,  

Promenading by the lake, fishing, and kite flying,
     pastime from school and the shopping mall,
where Nature teaches the true meaning of living,  
      to humans among creatures big and small.

That was a long time ago, a lifetime since then,
     the earth has aged, senile in many parts;
let's refresh memories else the scene be forgotten,
     relive Nature, the greatest of the arts.  

Speak of love beneath a tree
and pray, how do I love thee?
two hearts through Cupid's arrow
on the tree the vow be true! 
Oh, sweet nothings of love, 
maketh the heart throb, throb.  
Diogenes was looking for an honest man,
not the fisher who caught the biggest fish, 
but in the recesses of his mind got away;
oh, philosophy, a subject to remiss;
time and freedom the biggest catch,
no big fish can truly match.    
It's the osprey of the lake playing 
with the kids with their kites flying; 
I join them by writing and painting  
    and rejoice in finding this lost lawin. 

Reptiles, scorned and feared,
symbol of death and greed;
I defend them for any creed,
their demise I shall grieve. 

Colorful in the vast green, 
to be admired and seen;
birds on stage and screen.   
thinned in their own scene. 

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