Sunday, May 21, 2017

A Dying Tree and Its Shadow

Dr Abe V Rotor

You live with your shadow from birth to death,
Sunrise to sunset, pause at noon to pray,
And never fear the seasons come and go;
Your shadow lures many creatures to stay.

Countless birds have made your crown their home, 
Nursery to their young and their playground;
And butterflies too, and moths in the night,
You took care of them too, all year round.

Your fault to treat an enemy your friend
Is your doom; benevolence has no heir.
Didn’t Diogenes warn Alexander?
“Just don’t step on my shadow, Sir!" 

For greatness is but a cloak, a disguise
Lured by sages of words, fear of the sword;
Oh, tree, you don’t understand us humans;
Maybe - but we can’t understand your word. 

Go then, but leave your shadow where it is,
Maybe a seed shall grow on it some day.
And kinder souls may come to rest with awe.
And birds - the young ones before - come to stay. ~

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