Monday, May 29, 2017

Sounds that make us sick

 Growing Menace of Noise pollution 
Dr Abe V Rotor
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Irritable Sounds activate not only the senses but affect bodily functions.
•Pavlov’s Principle on conditioned learning.
•Adrenaline shoots up, increases blood pressure, challenges us – fight or flight.
•Nausea, headache, other forms of irritation.
•Interrupts present activity, interferes with  trends of events.
•Destroys relationship, creates personal  impressions.
Image result for Noise pollution photos
A Qantas Airways Boeing 747-400 passes close to houses shortly before landing at London Heathrow Airport. (Wikipedia). Typical traffic congestion, India. 

Noise pollution in increasing order. *

•Scratching the blackboard with fingernail, similar to a hard chalk creating a grating sound.
•Air escaping like releasing air from a balloon. 
•Productive coughing
•Throwing out is the worst.

National Geographic’s Mad Lab has this list

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