Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Trees are not only the biggest living things; they are probably the oldest, too.

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Sequioa grandis (redwood) found in California is 110 meters or 362 feet tall, and more than two thousand years old. It was already standing tall and bearing cones during the time of Christ.
  Comparison of the earth's unique creatures and structures, starting with human.                  
 The Redwoods make a virtual spiral staircase to the moon
 Researchers appear like bark beetles on a giant Sequoia, California 

We find tall trees in many places, although they can't be compared in size and height as the redwood, oak, and certain species of pine and cypress.

Here are pictures of local trees I took that have reached considerable height.

Kapok or cotton tree (Ceiba pentandra)Diliman, QC
You can find bigger and taller Kapok tree in the UP
campus, and UPLB, Laguna.

Calumpang or bangar in bloom, Fairwiew, QC

Anahaw (Livistona rotundifolia) can get real tall.
So with buri palm. UST campus, Manila

Acacia (Samanea saman), Balaoan, La Union

Dita (Alstonia scholaris) is taller than the UST main building,
sans its tower. 
Another dita tree, also in the botanical garden,
is even taller. Both are more than 100 years old. 

Eucalyptus tree, St. Paul University QC campus.
Eucalyptus trees are tall and lanky. 

We are losing our big and old trees as we continue to destroy our forests and woodlands. Let's change our uncaring attitude towards trees. Let as start at home, and in our community. Let's protect trees along highways and roads, on the farm, watershed and coastlines. This is how we can help arrest global warming and cushion the impact of pollution, erosion and siltation. Trees make the green umbrella of the earth that protects life.

Let us preserve our trees. They are our heritage. They are living monuments that speak of our values, our culture and history not only as Filipinos but people of the world. Above all, it is perhaps the highest expression of respect and devotion to Mother Earth and our Creator.~

Acknowledgement: Wikipedia, Internet for Redwood photos

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