Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Light up your life!

Get out of your box.
Dr Abe V Rotor

Get close to Nature, befriend her creatures.  

Birds sing not only for their own kind, 
     but to the world that shares their joy,
in melodies notes may not capture,
     but the heart and spirit they buoy.  

Find joy with a baby and bring back the joyful years of life.

Love the word child for it never dies;
     it may sleep as we grow old;
it wakes us up like The Little Prince,
     when we're lost and troubled.

When the head seems too heavy to carry...  when life seems to come to a stop ... 
Give yourself a break before your break down.  

Have you walked the sea floor at its lowest ebb,
     on the shoal and coral reef?     
It's Nature's way of cleansing and renewing life
     in a  cycle of joy and grief. 
 Get out of your shadow...

There is a girl afraid of her own shadow, 
     she tried to run away from it in panic. 
She outgrew the trauma and even talked
     to her shadow when lost and sick. 
Catch butterflies and friends...
Make happy faces...lean on a strong shoulder
Puppet show time - you the actor and subject. 
                                              Get out of your box. Be the real you. 
                                         Author and daughter Anna, Avilon Zoo, Rizal

Be a dear or deer ... flower girls the second time around.

"What is generation gap
 but taking too long a nap by the fireplace and missing the songs of birds in springit is not seeing the stars through the leafless trees in winter." AVR

Get out of your box before it,s too late;
     prison disquised in comfort and care;
it's all yours to act and no one else will,
     to open its door or break its walls.  

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