Sunday, September 6, 2015

Global Warming in the Garden in Three Views

Paintings by Dr Abe V Rotor

Garden in bloom is a response to drought and soaring heat, a survival mechanism 
of  species to produce progenies before they succmb to such extreme condition. 
(Acrylic on wood, AVR 2015)

The garden in glorious bloom is deceiving,
     and deceiving is beauty, too;
yet true beauty is ephemeral and fleeting,
     leaving behind a barren view.
Imprint of the scorching sun on a mossy wall (acrylic on wood, AVR 2015)

The scorching sun leaves its face on a garden wall,
     leaving traces of spring in early fall.

A dying pond's resting place in acrylic AVR 2015 

Gone is the pond but its bare bottom
     of detritus matter;
where once Nymphaea bloomed
    on its crystal water.

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