Thursday, September 17, 2015

“If you were to live your life all over again, where will you spend it?”

Dr Abe V Rotor

Someone asked me, “If you 
were to live your life all over again, where will you spend it?”

Without second thought, I answered, “Of course in Lagro, and no other place,”

If you were asked the same question, you too, may not find it difficult to answer.  Because there are reasons I believe, that we share.

But it is with certain conditions that are necessary to bring us to a general agreement.

Arch of the Setting Sun, Lagro QC

Greater Lagro and adjoining Fairview, both middle class hug the lower limits of the reservoir proper. The La Mesa Eco Park is situated along the spillway of the dam as indicated in this map.
We like a Lagro that is more united and harmonious, starting with the home to the Barangay,  and extending to the various organizations and groups that make one big family - schools and inter-faiths, and other institutions, notwithstanding;

We like a Lagro that is more peaceful and secured, where the quaintness of living is best enjoyed;

We like a Lagro that continues to preserve values of old and blend it meaningfully with change
affecting us and the world today;

A Lagro that produces a lot more ideas and good deeds, simple as they may be; ideas that translate to reality that secures us of our present and future; and

A Lagro that is the window to the world, in fact a microcosm of the world itself, but for all reasons possible, an ideal world to live in.

Perhaps, the best test to the thesis – “if you and I would like to spend our lives here - if Providence sends us back for a second life” - is for us to ask our children and grandchildren of the same question.   

Under the roof of our dwellings, through the linkage of cyberspace, the on-line of education and business, the magic carpet of modern transportation, on the one hand; and the anchor of tradition and values, on the other hand, lies the promise, the hope, the joy of their answer.  Yes, they do.

Just as we love Lagro, they too shall love this place of their birth, childhood and adolescence, their transformation into adulthood. Even the migrants and transients do.  And all the more we feel happy for them.     

It is for all of these that we should not stop learning, yearning for enlightenment, never retiring while still alive.  It is for all of these that we should strive to link the older generation with that of the new and young; it is for all these that we uphold precious our heritage and build wisdom from knowledge - and share them amongst all as we travel on the road of life.  Gracefully we live in our own plans and dreams - and in each own sweet time toward the Angelus hour.  

Long live our community, our home! God bless us all. ~

Sunset is captured by the Lagro Arch, its golden rays turning into amber, leaving the arch a silhouette with a neo-Greco-Roman touch as it is slowly engulfed by the night.

I watch the sun set from where I live, 
     under an arch splashed 
in gold and amber in peaceful repose 
     as each day comes to pass,  

With the horizon melting with the sky, 
     and memories of the day - 
into the darkness of night sleep -
     save the spirits to stay. 

Life with the arch of the setting sun 
     gets nearer to the Creator,        
each pass a notch of time and beauty
     to the Angelus hour. ~

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