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Global Warming is creating a new Art Movement (3 parts )

Global Warming is creating a new Art Movement (3 parts )
Dr Abe V Rotor
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Part 1 
Coral Reef Deforestation  

When the sea rises and buries the shoals and sandbars,
the sea grass and coral reef;
when the sun bears hard on the fringes of sea and land,
requiem hums eerie and grief.   
Oh, Art - what gift do you bring in suffering and lament,
but catharsis however brief. 

Mountain Desertification 

When the wind hot and dry sweeps over hills and mountains
all day long, freezing cold in the night;
and rain after a long absence brings gales and hurricanes;   
the landscape turns into a pitiful sight.  

What movement can a artist recall in the long history of art? 
too far out romanticism and classicism;
realism lost to the lens, impressionism to varied abstract art -  
welcome Dali-Miro'-Ernst surrealism.  ~

Part 2  
Onslaught of the Glowing Armyworms 
Armyworms are so-called because of their gregarious, voracious and they suddenly appear and attack. When food is scarce and environmental conditions unfavorable, they become wild and uncontrollable. Such is the tendency of a bandwagon, building up into a mob.
They come in an army strong in spring, 
rising from quiescence with the first rain,
greed and abandon the rule of their game
spoiling all rules, free- for-all, and insane.

But only when cornered the biologcal
instinct reigns, survival the ultimate aim,
where nature lost its order, its pristine,
by man craving for wealth, power, fame.  

How similar a pattern, could it be the genes
dictating? Creatures behaving like beast,
and man in neither in need nor in plenty, 
fights in army whether in war and peace. ~   
Degeneration of the Roses

Global warming has caused many problems in plants and animals. Hybrids are among the first to succumb, while the native species or varieties are the last. Their survival secret? Natural resistance built through countless generations in the open. As a rule. hybrids can't be left alone - they will revert to man-directed lines which are unstable and uncertain. The failure of science is when its progeny is abandoned or misguided.

"My luv is a red, red rose," in romanticism gone,
"Paper roses," a song of love lost and lament;
and Gertrude Stein, wanting of the right word, 
said, "A rose is a rose is a rose," is truly meant.  

The rose is very sick, not only in social norms,
it is sick with the loss of its indigenous genes,
it is sick with the pollution of its genetic pool,
manipulated to suit the market by all means.

While the whole world grows hotter each day;
Carbon in air traps heat; it too, turns into acid 
falling as toxic rain, dousing the red in the rose.
Where have all the roses gone, their lovely bid? ~  

Part 3    
  It is Summer or Autumn?
Global warming is destroying the orderly march of seasons, 
worst it is destroying the setting of this magnificent drama of nature.  

It is neither!

Summer is when the sun is brighest
to nourish the plants into full bloom;
the fields transform green to golden, 
haystacks growing like mushroom.

Autumn is when the wind gets chilly,
birds in the sky migrate southward,
among stars and kites and fireflies,
and trees wear their brighest ward.

It is neither.        

never again will summer or autumn 
come, the march of seasons gone
where once Paradise stood proud,
prouder a rational wandering son.

Mutation (Mutilation) by Genetic Engineering

Genetic engineering has put into man’s hands the path and nature of evolution, creating heretofore unnatural organisms leading to speciation (species formation) under the dictate of the new science.  Here,  the god in man is taking over God’s power over creation.  In this painting one can subjectively identify organisms fused into an unorder fashion yet revealing basic identities,  

It's a riddle, shocking, senseless and cruel,
seeking answer not only to what but why;
an elephant, a hog, a bull, save your guess,
science knows no limit like the endless sky.

neither direction nor purpose, obedience 
to sacredness of creation nor of humanity.
Frankenstein's regret too late to destroy
what he created, a fiend to life's sanctity.   

It's a riddle, more than the Sphinx's threat,
the key to safe passage in ones journey;
move over robot, we may say to strangers,
yet strangers we are seen too, by many.   

Where now leads the path of evolution 
of millions of years to what all the living
are today? Move over Darwin, Mendel et al;
your time is up, it's genetic engineering!

Did man destroy Eden on purpose then?
knowledge and disobedience on one table,          
then to build and to destroy are also one;
beauty in his eyes and heart insatiable. ~

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