Tuesday, October 21, 2014

UST AB: Interpreting Verses through Photography

Kindness, however small, 
is never wasted at all.
Dr Abe V Rotor
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Assignment: This is an exercise in Creative Photography. Choose an appropriate photograph for each verse and capture its essence and message. Write the caption for the photograph. Enhance the human interest effect. Apply the elements of art, mainly composition. Can your work pass for a poster? (Choose any five.)
The kindest words are best expressed in poetry and
illustrated in fine art and creative photography. 

Ateneo de Manila University, QC

1. Patience is virtue in disguise
an art of the smart and wise.

2. He who always says, "yes."
is seeker of convenience.

3. The sound of kiss may be deep or shallow,
wait until you hear its echo.

4. On some mountaintop ones echo is clear and loud,
in the marketplace it dies, so in any crowd.

5. How seldom do we weigh our neighbors
the way we weigh ourselves with the same favors.

6. The heart breaks and heals leaving scars;
it consoles to know the distance to the stars.

7. The good may die first and resurrect at last;
the bad may die last and lie in their dust.

8. If the world is going to end in fire or ice;
altogether we die once and not twice.

9. Old folks say a problem hastily solved
sooner or later returns unresolved.

10. What is worse than envy and indolence,
but the two themselves riding in insolence.

11. We don't have the time, is an alibi
to indolence and loafing, letting time pass by.

12. Purple, the Nazarene's garment
reminds us of power and lament.

13. Not all sand dunes for sure
end up to an empty shore.

14. Change, we face its challenge, comfort in our camp,
if we look back at an old house with a burning lamp.

15. Loud when empty, the gong and hollow log proclaim,
even as deep waters and doldrums stake their claim.

16. Hope - offer it to silence a restless throng;
in motherhood statement no one goes wrong.

17. Napoleon's army was in the deep Russian cold.
"Come out and fight, cowards!" cried the lost bold.

18. Nectar attracts the bees, vinegar the flies;
a pie rides on the breeze to where a hungry lies.

19. Ivy on the wall creeping shy and small
spread out to hide my dark and ugly side.

20. Behold! a rainbow and moth in flight
when viewed against the waning light. ~

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