Sunday, October 26, 2014

GMO Gone Wild

Dr Abe V Rotor 
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Frankenfish, acrylic painting on glass by AV Rotor.  

A potpourri of incongruous things real and imagined
in the world of genetically modified organisms - GMO,

today's villain in our postmodern world, of humanity,
creation of human genius stray, rising wild from ego.

GMOs are orphans of nature, orphaned by proud men,
cut from the food chain, the web of life, the ecosystem;
their habitat, their kin now strangers to one another,
sang in high praises to disguise the lament of requiem.  

Mice glow with the phosphorescence of the jellyfish,
Rice, pure as cumulus cloud is now in sunset glow,
Corn once a respectable staple, now first for animals;
Human hormone in dairy, burger stem cells of GMO. 

Monsters lurk in the deep, GMO fugitives from the lab,
by design or accident, they pass on their alien genes,
the salmon has lost its homing instinct, whales lose
their bearing, weird creatures dominate the scenes. 

The god in man dictates rules and doctrine, of values,
in the name of science, honor and pride of discovery,
travelling into the unknown, man gropes for serendipity 
with its two faces - the survival or doom of humanity. ~         

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