Friday, October 10, 2014

Photography: Editing the Cumulus Cloud

Dr Abe V Rotor
Lesson in Photography: Editing with Adobe Photoshop
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"You and I may lie, but a photograph does not lie." This adage isn't true anymore with modern photography.

You can even change the weather, so with the mood. You can juxtapose photos and have multiple exposures, add or eliminate parts and subjects. You can convert a photo into a work of art. And by cut-and-paste you can create exciting and strange results, heretofore unknown with film photography which dominated the technology for a hundred years. With digital cameras and the computer, virtually anyone can take, edit, print and publish photographs. Here is a simple exercise.

Soft, cottony cumulus cloud early in the morning ushers a fine day.
Cloud takes shape as the sun rises, prospect of good weather dims.
Cumulus to nimbus - dense and solid, sans
characteristic nimbus structure.
Cloud turns gloomy and sad at dusk
Extreme editing - now a cloud of aArmageddon

Try editing a photo of a landscape, an activity or event, or simply a family affair. There are rules and ethics though that you should be aware of, and legal aspects when it comes to documents. What is important in this lesson is to be able to save photos otherwise discarded, enhance quality of photos, specially those for publication on print or the Internet and e-mail. Why don't you go over your photo file and apply what you learned in this lesson? ~

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