Thursday, October 16, 2014

Dugout or hollowed-out log for a banca . Invention or discovery?

Serendipity they say, is accidental discovery or invention. Should I say providential? If the idea of a wheel came from a rolling stone, the idea of a banca or canoe came from a floating log. 
Dr Abe V Rotor, photos by Marlo R Rotor
Indigenous dugouts, Tacloban, Leyte

These stories need no proof, and children before bedtime don't only believe in them, they put themselves into the shoes of the inventors, whoever they were. This is why the wheel or the boat never stopped evolving, and never will. Because children don't differentiate a real thing from a toy, neither the boundaries of work and game.

Look at the photo of a father and son. I like to think that the father made the dugout, and the boy, when he grows up, will make the outrigger and the sail. Imagine what the third and fourth generations will make. That's how the boat became a steamboat into a steamer. Even a failed invention led to the making of the submarine - which proved even more versatile than the battle ship in times of war and in probing the depth of the sea.

And can you imagine how the right side of the brain brought imagination into invention? A flying boat! An airplane, to a jet plane to a space ship!

Lucky that I am, and humanity. Eureka! Eureka! God's genius in man - through Serendipity. ~

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