Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A Litany of Obesity

Dr Abe V Rotor
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Appetite is induced by too many kinds of food and food preparations  

 Consuming a single kind of food but unlimited. 
Multistory sandwich, a giant serving   

A Litany of Obesity 
  1. Obesity and sedentary living
  2. Obesity and affluence
  3. Obesity and psychological appetite 
  4. Obesity and genetic tendency
  5. Obesity and junk food
  6. Obesity and protein-rich food
  7. Obesity and depression 
  8. Obesity and culinary art
  9. Obesity and middle age
  10. Obesity and uncontrolled urge
  11. Obesity and company 
  12. Obesity and pampered childhood
  13. Obesity and false health indicator
  14. Obesity and lack of regular exercise
  15. Obesity and introversion 
  16. Obesity and disease/infirmity
  17. Obesity and personality 
  18. Obesity and happy-go-lucky living
  19. Obesity and vices
  20. Obesity and bahala na attitude
This litany serves in self evaluation. Are you a victim of obesity? Or are you predispose to this postmodern epidemic? Draw your bodyscape. Make a series of selfie photos and study carefully. ~

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