Tuesday, October 21, 2014

UST-AB Photography: Critique-analysis of 30 selected covers of Time Magazine

Dr Abe V Rotor
Living with Nature School on Blog
Paaralang Bayan sa Himpapawid (People's School-on-Air) with Ms Melly C Tenorio
738 DZRB AM Band, 8 to 9 evening class, Monday to Friday

For the advanced part of Photography as a course, I am presenting these selected covers of TIME, the leading international weekly news magazine. Time has been consistently on the forefront of major events, and persistently moving on the road, so to speak, be it the fast lane or one that is less trodden. The explosion of knowledge and information brought about by the computer age, blossoming into Social Media makes the "world a stage," which is indeed the golden epoch of global communications.  

Critiquing and analyzing these Time covers provides lessons in the fields of
  • art and photography in multimedia, principally print media
  • news analysis and interpretation
  • interdisciplinary approach  
  • institutional linkages  
  • presentation methodologies 
These specimens will be projected individually on screen. The professor gives an overview of the main features of each.  Recitation and discussion follow. There will be short test before the end of the session.     

Briefly explain (2 pages bond, handwritten)
1. Most controversial issues 2
2. Greatest lessons on leadership 2
3. Most relevant to our times and country 2 
4. Baloney, falsehood  2
5. Ecological concern 2

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