Thursday, September 13, 2012

Nature Photography 3: Faces of Animals (Reptiles and Amphibians)

Photos by Marlo R Rotor

Reticulated Boa Constrictor (Avilon Zoo Rizal)

Gecko (Tagaytay Zoo)

Iguana (Avilon Zoo, Rizal)

Monitor Lizard

Baby Philippine Crocodile (Avilon Zoo, Rizal)

Green Pond Frog (Mt Makiling Botanical Garden, UPLB)

Tukak ba-ug (big bellied frog), now endangered, has the habit of feigning dead after bloating itself like a balloon, enabling the threatened organism to become tightly wedged in crevices, or freely float downstream where it finds safety from its predators, principally snake.

Tree Frog (Retreat House, Lipa City) This skinny frog is arboreal. It is commonly found in banana grove.  Here it thrives on insects that breed in the trapped water in leaf axils of banana.
Because it is preyed upon by snakes, it is also referred to as tukak uleg (snake frog). Its distress sound serves as 
warning to farm workers or any passerby.

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