Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Dr Abe V Rotor
Oh, how short is memory after you are gone,
     Shorter still it is through time,
When spring comes but only part of season
     And time tolls in a hanging chime.

When in the night, in the shade of the moon,
     Your face appears in a smile,
I remember, I remember, the years gone by,
     As if it is only for a while.

Remiss I have been to keep your goodness,
     Our treasured things - and all,
And if they are locked in my heart and mind,
     I would not wait for your call.

But you come, you come in the dreary hour,
     When walls are fading and crumbling,
When work never ends, numbing the being,
     To rekindle faith and the spirit of living. ~

1 comment:

Aina Dawang said...

Longing for someone even though it will never be there. Keeps on appearing and haunting ourselves.

Memories it makes ourselves even stronger. It keeps us to move on forward. When at times we feel like to quit and end these powerful apparitions keep on reminding us of how beautiful it is to live and continue to have faith on whats yet to come.

Life is a splendid thing we cannot fully define.