Tuesday, September 25, 2012

UST Environmental Science: Camouflage and Mimicry - Oneness of Creation

Dr Abe V Rotor

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Three species of walking stick, Order Phasmatodea, 
Family Bacillidae
Brown leaf insect
A rare leaf insectNote leaf like abdomen. 
How many insects are there in this photo?
Green tree cricket (Phaneroptera furcifera) Order Orthoptera, 
Family Tettigoniidae
What mystery holds the insects' mimicry, 
camouflage and deceiving morphology?

Wonder if genes the source of similarity
and they too, the reason of trait diversity.

Fish like Sargasso weed floating at sea,
butterfly its wings like the leaves of a tree;

The preying mantis by mimicry is free 
to keep away from harm or lurk its prey;

The stinkbug exudes the odor of a sty,
repugnant and uninviting to be a prey.

The lacewing, its name speaks of  beauty,
the walking stick isn't at all  for the elderly;

What brings a leaf and insect in unity,
when unrelated they are in phylogeny?

Fishes constitute the most in diversity,
yet so keen the eye to spot their variety.

If creatures in the deep and in the sky
are extreme, why can some fish fly?

Creatures from land that chose the sea
only a few retain the traits of their family;

There are those from sea to land to stay,
under the sky, whether blue or gray. 

Oneness the universe in its infinity,
defies man's search for this mystery. ~         

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