Thursday, September 29, 2011

Traditional Healing 6: To stop hiccup, jolt the person.

Dr Abe V Rotor

Gulat ang gamut sa sinok.

Now and then anyone may fall into a pit of hiccup for reasons not well understood even in the medical field. But as sudden and unpredictable that it came, just by jolting the person is enough to terminate his hiccup.

This is what you can do to help your friend in a pit. The first remedy is to give him water. If this does not work, gently massage the back of his head. If still this does not work, secretly time the interval of his hiccup. Jolt him up real good coinciding with the next hiccup. Pronto! The hiccup is gone.

Warning: Don't do this if the person has food or water in his mouth. Baka mabulunan. He might choke, instead. The poor fellow may misunderstand you, and this could lead to a fight. Or tampuan that ends in cold relationship. If the fellow is wearing dentures, he might lose them in the process. Or something worst can happen. ~

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Celine said...

Sir i did not know that massaging the back of the head could also heal hiccups.

Katmag said...

I'm really learning a lot of practical tips from your blog, Sir. I will try these next time :)

Angeline Deguzman said...

All i knew was to drink water whenever we're experiencing hiccups. I did not know other than that.

Fatima Punsalan said...

I'm amazed in this information. I don't know that by massaging the back of the head can stop hiccups.

-Fatima Punsalan 3CA3

emmie said...

sir, my lola told me that holding your breath for 1 minute could also stop hiccup. i'll try this tip next time.:)

Cay Cabotage said...

I get hiccups more often than not and ever since, ive been curious about it. Now that i knew it really has no medical explanation it's safe to say that... it;s still something that regular people get sometimes. Haha.