Sunday, September 25, 2011

Museum: Children's Composite Paintings

Dr Abe V Rotor

DSummer on the Beach (theme is taking time out from work and study, bonding with family and friends, getting close to nature, getting into sports and hobbies.)

School Campus (theme instills discipline, value of education, joy of schooling, holistic development - a healthy mind in a healthy body.)

In a Hospital (theme instills compassion, service, care and loving attitude to the sick and old; it inspires the youth to take up a medical career. )

Here are composite paintings of children 7 to 13 years old, five members in a group. Here are some advantages of team work in composite painting.

Freedom to suggest and chose the theme, so with the message and title of the painting.
  1. Development of the spirit of cooperation and unity, and group competition.
  2. Sharing of resources - paint brushes, colors, palette board, etc - and expenses.
  3. Recognition of specialization and talent of each member; and division of work and responsibility.
  4. Preparation for the "real thing " - painting will grace a hall, lobby, classroom or simply a wall for people to view and appreciate.
  5. Interpretation through other means of expression - verse, essay, feature - other than the school or movement with which the work is identified.
  6. Originality is based on experience and imagination of the members without copying any model.
This approach is recommended after a series of individual basic lessons and on-the-spot painting. As a final output of the workshop the participants shall have developed a spontaneous working relationship. This is group dynamics in action in the field of spatial art.

Why don't you try this at home with the members of the family? Or in a class in Humanities.
You can organize an art workshop in the neighborhood. Or with your community and church organizations. Summer would be ideal for an art workshop. Call 939-6331 or e-mail

Summer Art Workshop for Children, 2000 (Acrylic 36" x 48" on mounted canvas). You may use acrylic coated marine plywood, 1/4" or 1/2" thick). Art Instructor: Dr AV Rotor

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Angeline Deguzman said...

These kids are such a talented ones. I can't really imagine how young people can appreciate art even at their young age. :)

-Angeline Deguzman 3CA5