Sunday, September 25, 2011

Photography: Exploring the World through Photography (Communication and Humanities)

Dr Abe V Rotor

Camera, camera everywhere.
Fault not and beware;
Wear a Janus mask, its brighter side
To trust and to abide.

It's the third eye of modern man;
To see even the unseen,
Real images or just imagery,
And those behind the scene.

But don't let privacy die in vain,
If you must, be it a cause,
The lens more powerful than sword,
Like pen against abuse. ~

Why photography in the first place? Explore the word with this tiny gadget. Here are some applications.

1. Photojournalism - picture in the news.
Squatting and road obstruction

2. Creative photography - cultivating the right brain, seat of imagination.

Monster in the sky

3. Documentary -reliving the past and recording the present for tomorrow.

4. Photographic art - pictures into paintings

Water reflection

5. Photography in research - in pursuit of science and technology

Marine biology: brittle star

6. Photography and Nature - preserving natural history


Philippine crocodile, Malabon zoo

Return of the martines bird, Tagudin, Ilocos Sur

7. Photography and Religion - bridging man and his Creator throuigh faith

Buddhist temple, Bangkok

Religious icon Angels' Hill, Tagaytay

8. The hidden eye - application of photography in business, security, GPS, etc.

9. Media network - print and cyberphotography, Internet

10. Probing space - in search of other worlds

Solar eclipse and sunspots

11. Photography and culture - preserving cultural heritage
Obusan Dance Troupe presentation
Commemorative Sculpture, Ateneo de Manila University
Halloween, NFA QC

12. Photography and Ecology
- preserving the environment

Are we in the sunset of our species? SPUQC

Air pollution

13. Photomicrography - revealing the world of minutiae

Tubercolosis bacteria under electron microscope

14. Photography and architecture

Neo-Gothic chapel, Parañaque MM

15. Photography and Education

AB students' practicum at the UST Publishing House

16. DevCom Photography - Development Communication - advocacy in pictures; photos as ideas and medium of change.

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