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Part 5: BIOME 2010 Biodiversity and Climate Change, and Other Papers

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Dr Abe V Rotor

Dr. Jimmy T Masagca, organizer of BIOME 2010, President and trustee of Pacifictech and consultant of Hechanova & Co., poses with Dr. Marie Merca Obusan (left) of UP Diliman, and Dr Josette T Biyo of Philippine Science High School-West Visayas, keynote speaker in BIOME 2010.

Man behind BIOME 2010 - Pacifictech CEO and Pacifictech Chairman Manrico T Masagca (right), and the author who gave a keynote address on Good Life and Our Changing Environment, a concept-inquiry if pursuit to good life is causing the deterioration of the environment.

I am posting the titles of these research papers presented in BIOIME 2910 to guide those who are looking for researchable problems for their thesis or special problem in college and high school. Modifications can be made on a topic to qualify it as graduate research for a masteral or doctoral degree.

Scientific papers presented in BIOME 2010 include these topics.

Community-based Integrated Environmental Management Program (Lumban, Laguna) by Pareja, M, DLSU-Dasmariñas.

Mangrove in Camotes Islands - a Proposed Management Plan by Tandayun SN Cebu Technological University.

Wildling and Seedling Propagation of Forest Trees on Mts Palaypalay and Mataas na Gulod Cavite. Narvaez-Pareja R et al, DLSU-Dasmariñas

HELP (Hydrology for Environment, Life and Policy) for River Basins, Hearn D et al, UP Davao

Water Quality Assessment of Zapote River, Cavite Cuaresma MLV et al, DLSU-D

Zooplankton Adundance and Distribution and Physico-chemical Factors in Maragondon River, Cavite by Rubio JS and MC Pareja DLSU-D

Social and Environmental Profiling at Gawad Kalinga-Munting Paraiso, Trece Martires, using Geographic Information Systems, Pareja MC DLSU-D

Conflicts Between Human and Tiger in Sundarban Mangrove Forest in Bangladesh by Rana P and F Akhter, University of Eastern Finland, and University of Chittagong, Bangladesh

Hydrometeorological Risk Analysis in CAMANAVA Cities by Bannaguas G, Manila Observatory Ateneo de Manila University QC

Papers on the effects of climate change:

1. Poverty, its Impact on Climate Change in the Philippine Coastal Sector by Lorica DA and G Bannaguas, Ateneo de Manila University
2. Climate Change and Disaster Risk on Poultry in Bulacan, AdeMU
3. Long-term Climate Variability on Maize Production in Porac Pampanga, DLSU Araneta
4. Climate Variability on Rice Production in Cabanatuan, NE, DLSU Araneta
5. Climate Change and Dengue, by Vidal D et al, DLSU Araneta
6. Effect of Climate Change on Lanzones and Rambutan, Diamzon I et al, DLSU Araneta
7. Impact of Climate Change on Seaweeds Production in Cuyo, Dr Española MA et al, Palawan State University

Ethnobotany of Herbolarios in Catanduanes, by Avila TJ and RI Avila, Catanduanes State Colleges

Malunggay (Moringa oleifera) Extract as Food Additive, by Mercado MB and ET Tribiana, CSC

Mimicking Fish Baits and Lures from Market Waste, by Sarmiento MJR et al, CSC

A study on the Diversity of Snakes in San Vicente, Catanduanes, by Gil Jr, Tribiana ET and LF Talan, CSC ~

Local Paper and Posters presented in BIOME 2010 include these local concerns in the island province of Catanduanes.

  1. Threatened Endemic Varanids (Monitor Lizard) and Agamids in Catanduanes, by Masagca JT et al, Pacifictech and CSC
  2. Ecology of Mangrove Brachuran Crabs from selected Mangals in Luzon, Masagca JT, Pacifictech
  3. Marine Bivalves of Catanduanes Mendoza AV et al.CSC
  4. Cowries of Catanduanes, Mendoza AV and ET Tribiana
  5. Endemic Fungi in Catanduanes, Corra D and ET Tribiana
  6. Indigenous Vegetables Commonly Consumed in Catanduanes, Talan LT et al, CSC
  7. Medicinal Plants of Virac, Morphosystematics Talan LF, CSC
  8. Marine Bivalves in Catanduanes, Mendoza A et al
  9. Production of Disease-Resistant Abaca Planting Material Using Corm and Pesticide, Rola SM et al, CSC
  10. Biodiversity of Fungi Species in Catanduanes, Mendoza A et al
  11. Medicinal Flora of Catanduanes: Morphosystematics , Talan LF et al CSC
  12. Mapping of Abaca Disease in Catanduanes, Talan LF et al CSC
  13. Integrated Pest Management on Abaca Farms in Catanduanes, Mendoza AV et al, CSC
For particulars contact Pacifictech 09276220903 or 0929565723
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or Catanduanes State Colleges, Virac Catanduanes

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