Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Environment: Preserve the environment by leaving Nature alone

Reflection by a lake atop Mt.Pulog mural, St. Paul U, QC

Dr Abe V Rotor

I met an old man living by a lake atop Mt Pulog in Benguet, living like Henry David Thoreau, the great American philosopher who left town to live alone by the Walden Pond in a nearby forest. Sitting by a small mountain lake with him, I asked, “What is the best way to preserve nature?”

His answer was unexpected.“Leave Nature alone.”

I expected a different answer because I thought man is the guardian and custodian of living things – and all creation for that matter. Apparently, man has not succeeded.

“Before, the enemy of man was Nature;
Today the enemy of Nature is man.”

Direct assault of man on nature has been without respite throughout the ages –
from hunting-gathering, to agriculture, and ultimately to today’s accelerating

“Good bye,” said the fox to the Little Prince, “And here is my secret.”

“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.” (Antoine de Saint-Exupery’, The Little Prince)

Life is Beautiful. Let’s make it truly one. It is the best offering we can give to our Creator. ~


Mechelle said...

sadly, people who benefit from the nature are who destroy it. Maybe, it is better that we LEAVE ALONE the nature, like when no man live in this earth the world seems like so beautiful. - 3CA3 (Mechelle)

Jeanne said...

We should leave nature alone. One of the main reasons why we experience sudden weather changes is that because we are destroying nature. We've hurt mother nature enough, it's time to give back by leaving nature alone.
Jeanne Ann Edillon (3CA3)

Francesca Concepcion said...

If I were to ask the same question to a person, I would also never expect an answer same as the man's “Leave Nature alone.”

I always thought of complicated things to solve that problem, but the answer would be the easiest act. I believe that the nature would still be restored if we start leaving nature alone, right now.

Enough of all the destruction that man has created, we have destroyed so much that we are all suffering and we will surely suffer more as man continues to destroy the nature and the environment for his selfish needs.

If only, every man would think of the future generations who would include his grandchildren, suffering from too much heat or coldness brought by global warming caused by the irresponsibility of man in our generation today - the world would be saved.

Nicole De Leon said...

"Leave Nature Alone" was the best answer I heard for that question. What we did with the environment caused it to deteriorate. The more we are in touch with nature, the more we do things with the environment, the more greedy and possessive we are with it, causes its depletion and destruction.

So I think leaving nature alone is the best way to preserve it. The more we put our hands on it, the more we harm them.

We are surrounded by numerous changes caused by globalization, technology, industrialization, etc. We are so focused with the positive changes it brings us and we don't notice that these changes that do good to humans, do bad effects to the environments. We are becoming selfish that we neglect nature. Yes, it is true that our nature needs us to care for them but instead of caring for them, the opposite of it happens. We've caused too much pain to our Mother Nature and it is already enough and we have to put a stop in it. Let us just leave nature alone and let it heal alone.

-Nicole De Leon (3CA5)