Saturday, June 11, 2011

Fishing by the Lake - 20 Verses of Contemplation

By Abe V Rotor

Thoughts come in hazy images and inadequate words to express, and they vanish as sudden as they came. These are passing moments and sparks of genius providential to man. Capture these moments and fashion them into works of art and science. Fill up the notebook of life page after page as these moments come. They are the greatest and singular gift to man and to no one else. And in return the greatest manifestation of man's respect and gratitude to his Creator.

Fishing in contemplation, pastel by AVR

1. Reality dies, it leaves behind a dream;
and dream is reality again foreseen.

2. Suffering hones character, and happiness, too.
that character may grow full and true.

3. Nature my fail to decipher fully,

sending out freaks too many.

4. Once we climbed to the top, but never knew
we would fall down and look up anew.

5. Justice not in your favor,
likely favors others more.

6. Patience is virtue in disguise,
an art of the smart and the wise.

7. Butterflies flutter to show their beauty;

at rest, exude peace and serenity.

8. The heart breaks and heals leaving scars;
it consoles to know the distance of the stars.

9. He has enemies indeed,
who has character and steed.

10. Unless cut and polished, stone is stone,

like sleeping gene, unknown and alone.

11.Untested by storm, roots are shallow,
branches are few, the limb's hollow.

12. If it's not in the stars our problem lies,
“Then,” Pogo says, “the problem is us.”

13. It's always the big fish that got away;
Lo! to the innocent prey.

14. Well dressed in good spirit and temper;
wait until the party is over.

15. Purple, the Nazarene's garment
reminds us of power and lament.

16. Many a resolve we make to be humane,

yet fail and say, “We're only human."

17. Behold! A rainbow and moth in flight
when viewed against the light.

18. Cheered with praises aflame,
grieved by the slightest blame.

19. It's hard to offer a hand
without a magic wand.

20. How do I know truth unspoken?

when the heart has spoken.

x x x

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