Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Moon of the Moon

Abe V Rotor

We can only surmise that this blue satellite moving around the moon is one of the man-made satellites orbiting the earth, the moon, and the other planets. These two photos were selected from a series of photographs we made on a summer evening in 2007 in Lipa City, Batangas. They show the satellite's equidistant and orbiting position in relation to the moon.

Satellites a thousand since then -
Sputnik to the great Apollo,
roam the sky, seeking heavens, too;
I'm thrilled by my find, a new moon
around the moon - and, Lo!

The moon is not all alone thence;
and man in search of new domain
sets to conquer this newfound moon -
mindless of Icarus' adventure,
grinning wide in sweet refrain.~

Canon EOS SLR 350 with 70-200 Vivitar lens

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