Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Empty Images - are they?

Photos and Verses by Abe V Rotor

Reality and fantasy - hardly we can tell
with a third eye to see or cast a spell.

We speak of unity and might to touch the sky together;
A tree in majestic height will disappear forever.

History bears truth and fancy,
but we love more its fantasy.

Don’t be afraid, bloom, oh flowers,
the walk shall not be the same again;
when the rainbow brings showers,
your beauty shall not die in vain.

Drip, drip, drip may be music to the meek;
but not behind prison walls and to the sick.

Here on this patch of Eden, world of fairies seven;
a shade of a lost garden, a little corner of heaven.

Memories you'll cherish in the morning
of the path you took through life,
and in the night you missed the stars,
and left the world still in strife.

x x x

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