Friday, June 24, 2011

Miscellaneous Tips for Simple and Happy Living (Part 2, please open preceding post)

Dr Abe V Rotor

Bonus Assignment: UST CA217 - Communication and Socio-cultural Change

List down on a bond paper more Practical Home Tips.

Water, water everywhere. Recycle water, save the second washing in laundry, and from dishwashing for use in general cleaning.

2. Don’t throw away empty tube of toothpaste. Cut it open lengthwise and glean. Good for hand wash, removes fish and meat odor and tough dirt.

3. Recycle soap cake into liquid soap. Scrape or shred , dissolve with just enough water as liquid soap. Filter and refill empty dispensers. You may add scent of orange or lemon grass (tanglad).

4. Harvest rainwater and store it in garden ponds (with fish), large bins and earthen jars, with cover to prevent mosquitoes from breeding. Limit domestic use due to possibility of acid rain contamination.

5. Cut you finger and it’s bleeding? Raise hand above heart level while attending to it. Keep this position steady until bleeding stops. Immediately seek medical treatment for serious cases.

6. You feel you can’t hold it any longer. You are about to sneeze and you are in a conference. Press the base of your nose; hold it there until urge subsides. Find excuse to leave and relieve yourself somewhere.7. Pencil stub is still useful; roll paper over it to extend its length. Secure end with square knot. You may add d├ęcor.

In the absence of a cutter, moisten folded edge of paper you want to cut with your tongue. Divide paper slowly. Warning: Print in paper contains pigments and lead which is not good to health. Alternative: Fold back and forth, creasing the folded edge every time, then slowly divide.

Be aware of reverse screws and knobs. You find them in bicycles, electric fans, propellers, sewing machines. Inadvertently turning clockwise - which is the standard – will result to irreparable loose thread. Read instructions carefully.

10. Recycle writing materials:
a. Notebooks with unused pages.
b. Other side of used bond papers.
c. Replace spent ballpens with new fillers. Take with you samples.
d. Small notes and reminder slips, save blank spaces of used papers.
e. Papers which can't be recycled for writing can be used for wrapping and similar purposes.
Just avoid waste.

Why don't you contribute to this list and share your ideas and experiences with our viewers, and listeners in School-on-air?

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