Sunday, June 19, 2011

Turkey Fish - Impressionistic painting

Abe V Rotor
Glass painting reflects impressionism which started in France by Paul Cezanne in the late 18th century from which subsequent movements were founded - expressionism by Vincent Van Gogh, and later abstractionism in which Picasso later excelled. This experimental painting involves both mediums of acrylic and oil painted on glass, with nature and environment as subject. Turkey fish is a dainty and colorful benthic dweller among coral reefs. It got its name from its numerous floating fins arranged like the feathers of the male turkey during courtship.

"What's abstract?
a young art enthusiast
once asked, dutifully I answered:

When you look through the window of a car
running so fast that views are blurred.

"What's expressionism?" an elder one asked;
When the car stops, or just about,
yet running still inside seeking, searching
For the spring of life to pour out.

"And what is impressionism?" a third asked,
And I said: It's sitting on a fence -
On one side Amorsolo, the other Ocampo,
It's the spirit of the past and hence. ~

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Jaja said...

I can see abstract almost everyday. ;)