Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Mushroom - Mankind's ultimate food

Dr Abe V Rotor
Living with Nature - School on Blog
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Abalone or Plerotus mushroom is a common commercial species - 
adaptable under different conditions, practical and easy to grow. 


1. Look under rice stalks (dayami) in the field, under the skirt of mandala. Ureka! Mushrooms!

2. Dig truffles in their underground lair, guided by trained nose of pigs and dogs. 

3. Enter a barn where mushroom is grown in multistorey shelves.

4. Dig an anthill, say tabi-tabi, and find the legendary mushroom called u-ung buntun (Ilk) 

5. Go out in a dark night, look for glowing mushroom - they are phosphorescent.

6. A day or two following an episode of thunder, lightning and heavy rain, go find mushroom under trees, coconut and bamboo groves and banana hills.

7. Lastly, when nuclear war breaks, Heaven forbids! stay in the deep underground shelter, and farm the only complete food that does not need sunlight -  in fact loves total darkness. The Mushroom is mankind's food for suvival in prolonged nuclear torm.

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